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The Richmond Area Bicycling Association (RABA) has been offering cyclists of all levels and abilities many avenues from which to enjoy their favorite pastime since 1967. The club offers: Regularly scheduled on and off-road rides held on weekdays and weekends, A monthly newsletter, The Pedaler, containing schedules, activities and articles pertaining to all cyclists, An opportunity to keep track of your cycling mileage via the premium membership features of  (a $20 value), Meetings featuring presenters speaking on topics of interest to the club membership, During the summer, events combining a ride with dinner and socializing, Discounts at bike shops, and Catastrophic medical insurance while on club rides. We’re also very active in the community by way of charitable concerns and governmental advocacy efforts. We’d love to have you join us! Do it on-line now!
Monthly Ride and Event Calendar RABA Monthly Ride Schedule RABA Weekly Ride Schedule Non-RABA Rides & Events (selected) July 29 RABA Night at the Diamond Aug 2 New Rider Ride Aug 3 RABA Annual Picnic Have you been in a crash recently? Please fill out this survey. Volunteer to Lead a Ride.. Bikes for Kids Every year RABA raises money to purchase bicycles to donate to area Christmas Mothers so they in turn can give them to kids less fortunate in our community. With your support we can achieve our goal of buying more than 250 bikes, assembling and delivering them Any amount you can give helps. Large bikes for teenagers cost about $100, mid- size bikes $75 and small bikes $50. Go here now and make a tax-deductible donation. Don’t put it off!
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Rides for Thu, Jul 24, 2014
StartRide Name
9:00 am Unemployed Cyclists Ride
6:00 pm Crump Park Options
6:00 pm BDR (Before Dinner Ride)
6:00 pm West End Manakin Ride
6:00 pm Black Creek Ride
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